Our Door-to-Door Services are the hassle free way to get to your appointments on time and without the worry of meeting public transport schedules or getting caught out in bad weather.


Our Services


Medical Appointment Transport

Book our Door-to-Door service to take you to your next medical appointment. We will pick you up at home and take you to your appointment, accompanying you into the clinic or hospital to make sure you get to the right place. We can also attend the appointment with you if you need a support person.

This service includes:

  • Custom pick up/drop off

  • Help getting in and out of the vehicle if required

  • Assistance with wheel chairs and walkers

  • Disability parking permit

  • Wheel chair supplied if needed

  • Free ACC transport to related appointments


ACC Funded Transport

We are an approved ACC provider for transport.  This means ACC claimants can be transported to related medical appointments, to work and other appointments and errands including Psychiatrist visits and approved wellness outings. 

Children are also able to be taken to school if the ACC claimant is unable to do so.

Contact us to book our services using ACC.


Total Mobility Service

We are currently offering this service in the Taranaki Region only.  We will travel anywhere in this region to provide this service.  This means we are able to process Total Mobility Cards to give you discounted fares.


Anyone living in the Taranaki region and with an impairment that affects their ability to use public transport can apply to join the Total Mobility Scheme.

Find out more information about the Totoal Mobility Scheme and how to apply here with Taranaki Regional Council.

Companion Driver

We are able to take you wherever you need to go, whenever you need to go:

  • Day-to-day personal needs like shopping and salon appointments

  • Social engagements

  • Meetings and events

  • Scenic drives

  • Activities and outings of your choice

If you are struggling for something to do but really want to get out of the house, just email or phone us with your interests and we can suggest some things to do! 


Group Outings

We can take up to 11 people whenever you need to go.  This is a great opportunity to get together with friends/clubs and visit a museum, a botanical garden, a special interest class or even a concert!

We can also suggest places to go or things to do so feel free to get in touch for some inspiration!

Follow our Brand page BL Tourism Group on Facebook for events and ideas as well.

Cleaning and Minding Services

Have a loved one at home that needs company while you're using one of our above services?  We can also provide a companion at-home service too!  This could also apply for pets. This gives you peace of mind that someone is at home to take care of things for you while you are out with our driving service.

Along with this service we can offer:

  • House cleaning services - general housework and chores, cleaning all those hard to get at places, organisation and meal preparation.

  • Gardening - weeding, pruning, mowing.

  • Dog walking - we can exercise your dog/s or bath them

Please enquire if you have any suggested services that are not listed here.

Airport Drop Off & Pickups

Combining our Door-to-door personalised service with Airport transport gives you a quality hassle free service to make your flight with no stresses. We can assist with all luggage and accompany you inside the airport to make sure you check in with no problems if you need some help.

Business Travel

We can provide taxi/shuttle services for business groups to hotels, venues and restaurants. One mode of transport for the whole business itinerary means no calling different taxis throughout the day or evening and your group stays together saving time and hassle.  We can accommodate small to large groups as well as individuals.

If you've brought loved ones on your business trip we can also take them on city tours, shopping or to local activities to pass the time while you are busy. This could apply for the loved ones that may have traveled with your colleagues too for a group outing together if needed.

Prices and Booking

We are a pre-booked service so please contact us for a quote. We are comparable to or even cheaper than a professional taxi service but we offer so much more in terms of quality and service.

Prices are based on distance traveled and time depending on what kind of services you require and we will quote based on your specific requirements. Prices are often reduced if you book us regularly.

Accepted Payment Types:

  • Eftpos/Credit

  • Cash (please let us know before-hand if you intend to pay in cash as we do not normally carry money in the vehicles)

  • WINZ Payment Cards - we accept these like a normal Eftpos transaction. For information on how to get a WINZ payment card please click here.

  • Total Mobility Card - We accept these cards in the Taranaki Region. You can get up to a maximum of $20 discount each way. To find out how to apply for a card click here.


Financial Help Links:

Taranaki Quick Rate Guide

(note this is only a guide and not a final quote, final quotes are based on kms once full pick up and drop off addresses are provided - This guide is valid until the 30th Sept)

Stratford - New Plymouth           $80

Inglewood - New Plymouth       $70

Eltham - New Plymouth             $95

Hawera - New Plymouth            $125

Stratford - Hawera                        $75

Eltham - Hawera                          $70

Inglewood - Hawera                    $95

Safety and Licensing

Our drivers hold a current Passenger Endorsement and we operate with a Transport Service License (administered by the New Zealand Transport Agency).

Drivers have First Aid qualifications, speak clearly, and are friendly and reliable.

Our vehicles meet safety requirements and are Certificate of Fitness (COF) compliant.